The Center works at national and international levels with the stakeholders of the government, private sectors, civil society and citizens to promote education, research, training, and other knowledge-oriented endeavors in the broad field of Bangladesh and global affairs through different institutional mechanisms. However, IKR’s main objectives are as follows:

The Center will conduct basic, problem-solving, need-based research, survey, and training in the areas of resource development, environment, climate change, foreign policy, diplomacy, security, development, peace, international cooperation, governance, poverty reduction, enterprise development, health and nutrition, education, gender issues, and sustainable development and related areas.

The Center will establish professional knowledge, resources and networks across the nations, societies and people in global affairs in the age of globalization and post- globalization through establishing research, professional and academic institutions, centers and suitable organizations.

The Center will undertake necessary initiatives such as fellowships, scholarships, seminars, conferences, academic programs and the like to brand Bangladesh abroad as well as deepening global understanding about Bangladesh.

The Center will undertake necessary endeavors to meet the challenges of 4th Industrial Revolution, materialize SDGs and Vision 2041 and implement Delta Plan 2100 of Bangladesh, and related long-term challenges for Bangladesh and the global community with innovative and creative programs and actions.