Position Vacancy


A career in research is fascinating. CBGA aims to create a knowledge base by providing employment opportunities for interested researchers. It also wants to extend support to the researchers, especially the young researchers when the exploration of the potentials of the young generation has been imperative. CBGA encourages young researchers to be engaged in research for developing their skills and knowledge base. It believes that collective contribution through working with a variety of researchers will enhance the policy capacity of Bangladesh while the country is evolving as a rising power in the regional and global arenas. As an employer CBGA strives for the highest professional standards in our work and conduct, engaging with others with respect, precision, courtesy and good honor. Also, we believe in equal opportunity and a competitive level-playing field for competitors. Keep shining with CBGA.

The CBGA accepts resumes and statements of interest from prospective candidates for the positions of Intern, Research Intern, Research Assistant, Research Associate and Senior Research Associate. The selected candidates will be called for an interview as and when vacancies are created.