International Cooperation and Infrastructure Development in Bangladesh: An Analysis of Financial and Technical Support System

Mesbah Uddin Chowdhury, BSP

Colonel, the Bangladesh Army, Dhaka Cantonment, Dhaka, Bangladesh. E-mail:


This study plays an important role by providing information about the actual scenario of infrastructural development of Bangladesh after taking foreign assistance from different foreign aid partners. Because of Bangladesh’s precarious economic conditions, our major foreign aid partners have provided the country with a substantial amount of public foreign assistance. This paper displays how Bangladesh depends on foreign aid to boost its economy by investing in different infrastructural mega projects. It also discusses the aid scenario of the country that has been changing not only in terms of sources and volume of aid but also in terms of sectoral allocation and utilization. This paper focuses on three points. First, the paper demonstrates the trends of foreign aid flows to Bangladesh since its independence. Second, it emphasizes national foreign policy to get incessant foreign assistance in terms of grants and loans to continue different development projects and to analyze the aid strategy of different aid partners. And third, to find out the major problems faced by foreign partners and plausible reformation made by the Bangladesh government to overcome these impediments.

Keywords: Bangladesh, foreign aid, aid partners, financial assistance, infrastructural development.