Food Security in Bangladesh: Concerns and Remedies

Mian Saiful Islam, psc

Military Officer, Bangladesh Army, Dhaka Cantonment, Dhaka


Bangladesh is a densely populated nation where a significant proportion of people live below the poverty line. Yet it has garnered a great deal of international attention over the past decade due to its remarkable achievements in increasing agricultural productivity, achieving food self-sufficiency, and ensuring sustainable food security for its large population. The primary task for the government is to ensure food security. During the past decade, the government has launched free food distribution, food-friendly programs, open market sales, and test alleviation programs as part of its food security program. In addition, projects based on digital technology have been implemented to enhance the monitoring and data management capabilities of the Ministry of Food. As a result, food accessibility and usage have increased. But the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war have generated a food crisis due to a lack of food accessibility, stability, and proper utilization. This study seeks to identify and assess the threats to food security in Bangladesh by identifying the significant challenges and promising areas for future development.

Keywords: Food Security, Bangladesh, COVID-19, Russian-Ukraine War and Food Security.


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