Reflections on Bangladesh’s Relations with the Middle East and Africa

 Fatema-Tuj-Juhra & Zerine Tanzim

Assistant Professor, Department of International Relations, Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP), Dhaka.

Assistant Professor, Department of International Relations, Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP), Dhaka.


Bangladesh’s foreign policy moves, since its independence, have been welcoming toward the Middle East. The Gulf Region has been a key factor in the foreign policy of the country, which is reflected in cooperation on the ground of trade and commerce, the cultural sector, and other strategic partnerships. Bangladesh’s diplomatic efforts are currently aimed at expanding the country’s horizons in international affairs. Trade relations, labor migration, remittances, and participation of Bangladesh in peacekeeping missions are all examples of how Bangladesh has used multilateral diplomacy to strengthen ties with the Middle East and Africa. With a focus on the Middle East and Africa, this paper examines the evolving foreign policy of Bangladesh. The paper will focus on the areas of cooperation between these two regions. By using qualitative analysis, this article will address the prospects and challenges of Bangladesh’s foreign policy toward these two regions.

Keywords: Bangladesh, Middle East, Africa, Foreign Policy, Migration, Peace-keeping, Economic trade.


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