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The working papers, monographs and survey reports will address contemporary burning issues related to national security and foreign policy of Bangladesh, regional and global politics and security and different trends and challenges in the regional and global milieu. Each paper will be roughly 4000-5000 words. Another significant output is conducting surveys on critical issues, perception, and impact based on primary and secondary sources to strengthen evidence-based analysis of issues and concerns.

Latest Working Paper

Foreign Policy Priorities of Bangladesh in the Next Five Years (2024-2028)

Although a new government in Bangladesh has recently been formed, there is a continuity of leadership. Sheikh Hasina has assumed the responsibility of a prime minister for the fourth...

Energy Diplomacy of Bangladesh: In Search of Diversification and Sustainability

Bangladesh has achieved a considerable success in energy sector over the past fifteen years. Bangladesh achieved the target of countrywide electrification in 2022. Bangladesh is now ahead of its...

Bangladesh and Human Development in South Asia: Trends and Directions

Development now-a-days is not only conceived as material or economic advancements, but also understood as a process that embraces both tangible and intangible ingredients of human life. The abstractization...