Bangladesh’s Participation in the UN Peace Operations: Of Success and Sacrifice


The report provides a comprehensive exploration of Bangladesh’s profound dedication to global peace, tracing its roots to the legacy of the Liberation War and constitutional principles. It delves into the historical context of Bangladesh’s involvement in UN peacekeeping operations, illustrating its evolution into a significant contributor on the international stage. Throughout the narrative, the book showcases Bangladesh’s ever-expanding role and growing significance in UN peacekeeping efforts, emphasizing initiatives aimed at enhancing capabilities through training, capacity building, and international collaborations.

The report refers to the triumphs and accolades earned by Bangladeshi peacekeepers, highlighting their invaluable contributions to peace and stability worldwide. It also mentions the sacrifices made by Bangladesh in UN peacekeeping missions, underscoring the nation’s steadfast commitment to upholding the torch of peace even in the face of challenges. Furthermore, the book analyzes the underlying causes and background to the ill efforts to politicize and securitize the sacrifice and contribution of Bangladeshi peacekeepers through misinformation and disinformation undermining country’s pivotal role in fostering peace and stability on the global stage. Through interconnected themes and narratives, the book offers a comprehensive overview of Bangladesh’s journey as a stalwart advocate for peace and a beacon of hope in a world marred by war and conflicts.

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