Why Would Bangladesh be Included in ASEAN as a Sectoral Dialogue Partner and as a Member to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization?


This report highlights Bangladesh’s diplomatic pursuit of membership to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and ASEAN Sectoral Dialogue Partner status, emphasizing their economic and strategic significance. Bangladesh’s aspirations, driven by demonstrated capability and commitment, underscore its deserving candidacy for SCO membership and ASEAN partnership, offering avenues for enhanced regional integration and cooperation. These two regional organizations should recognize Bangladesh’s efforts and take requisite measures to elevate its status at the appropriate level. The paper clearly demonstrates that Bangladesh deserves urgent and immediate consideration of granting ASEAN Sectoral Dialogue Partner status and membership to SCO. Geopolitical context and the basic development indicators of existing members and Dialogue Partners of ASEAN and SCO show that the inclusion of Bangladesh to these two organizations will be of immense mutual interests.

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