Bangladesh and South Asia: Sheikh Hasina’s Leadership for Regional Peace and Stability


The book highlights the role of Bangladesh in promoting peace and stability in the region under the leadership of Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina. The transformation of Bangladesh from a ‘small power’ status in South Asia to a major voice in global and regional multilateral platforms is the direct result of Bangladesh’s pursuit of peace and prosperity in its foreign policy. It delves into the critical role of the Sheikh Hasina government in maintaining regional peace and stability. The book has also added contributions of Bangladesh in combatting terrorism through cooperation with global and regional actors, while shedding lights on how Sheikh Hasina engaged India, China, and Japan to enhance regional connectivity. The chapters of the book emphasize Sheikh Hasina government’s commitment to principles of friendship and cooperation with neighboring countries, successful resolution of disputes through peaceful means, and compassionate response to the humanitarian issues such as the Rohingya crisis, and issues contributing to regional peace. The book argues that Sheikh Hasina’s visionary leadership has played a crucial role in fostering peace and stability, benefiting both Bangladesh and the broader South Asian region.

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