Energy Diplomacy of Bangladesh: In Search of Diversification and Sustainability


Bangladesh has achieved a considerable success in energy sector over the past fifteen years. Bangladesh achieved the target of countrywide electrification in 2022. Bangladesh is now ahead of its South Asian members – India and Pakistan for total electrification. The paper focuses on the diplomatic thrust of Bangladesh to ensure stability in the energy regime through cooperation and partnerships with its external actors. Bangladesh has actively pursued its energy diplomacy over the past decade that has engaged both traditional and non-traditional, big and small players in the global energy domain. Bangladesh has signed new agreements for importing energy resources while it has attracted a growing role of external actors to invest in the energy sector. The Ukraine War and its fallouts on the developing countries have created undeniable stress on their ongoing development and industrial endeavors. Another aspect of energy resource is the renewed focus on environment while securing sources of energy. The world has witnessed growing attention to renewable energy resources to ensure sustainable development. Bangladesh’s energy diplomacy has also geared upon this new area of energy resource. Bangladesh has already expanded its diplomatic initiatives with key partners for energy cooperation such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, India, Qatar, Japan, Russia, Brunei, Nepal and many other states.