Bangladesh and the G20: The New Delhi Summit 2023 India’s Presidency and Bangladesh-India Partnership


The G20 has emerged as the premier global forum for dialogue and cooperation on global economic, financial and geopolitical issues. By the composition of its membership, the G20 is a diplomatic bridge between the developed and developing countries at the global level. The G20 Summit 2023 is scheduled to be held in New Delhi under India’s presidency. As part of the forum’s outreach tradition, the host country can invite guest countries and organizations to attend the Leaders Summit and India as the president of this year’s summit has invited nine guest countries. Bangladesh is one of the guest nations invited to the upcoming G20 Summit, the only country from South Asia and India’s neighborhood. Under the theme of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”– the Sanskrit phrase from the Maha Upanishad, which means “The World Is One Family”, India will preside over the Summit. Essentially, the theme upholds the intrinsic value of all life, including that of humans, animals, plants, and microbes, as well as the interdependence of all species on the planet Earth and in the wider universe.

In this context, the study, based on qualitative information, analyzes the impact of Bangladesh’s participation in the New Delhi G20 Summit 2023 on expanding the horizon of cooperation between Bangladesh and the G20 with special focus on multilateral domain as well as Bangladesh-India partnership. It looks into the impact of India’s presidency of G20 on global peace, cooperation and prosperity. The study also discusses the importance of the G20 as a unique and powerful global platform to deal with global challenges through unity and multilateralism in ideas and actions for the global humanity. The study has contributed to understand the relevance of Bangladesh-India partnership for achieving the common goals of the G20 towards building a prosperous and peaceful world.

The analysis has clearly demonstrated that the G20 is a unique platform in the world where G7 and BRICS members have common representations. The group has already achieved a notable success in mobilizing the leading nations to create a common agenda and purpose through various summits since 2008. While the members of G20 are the core agents of achieving its common objective, Bangladesh as a guest country in the Summit deserves close attention for its growing capacity to contribute to address the global challenges. As the only South Asian invitee and one of the nine nations in the world, Bangladesh joins the Summit led by the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. As part of a potential G20 Plus framework, Bangladesh’s involvement would promote a more representative and inclusive approach to addressing global challenges, ensuring that the voices and concerns of the Global South are adequately heard and considered. The active engagement of Bangladesh in the G20 will not only benefit the nation but also contribute significantly to the broader global agenda of building a more equitable and sustainable future.

The partnership between Bangladesh and India serves as a testament to the efficacy of collaborative endeavors, showcasing the collective action within the institutional framework of the G20. Through meticulous and well-orchestrated coordination across multifaceted domains, both nations are diligently establishing the foundation for a sustainable and all-encompassing future. This collaborative endeavor not only engenders reciprocal advantages but also exemplifies the potential of regional and global cooperation in catalyzing constructive transformation for the welfare of all parties involved. By fostering closer bilateral relations, Bangladesh and India have the potential to make substantial contributions towards the attainment of the G20’s objectives and the promotion of a more prosperous and sustainable global landscape.