Infrastructure Diplomacy and Bangladesh: Towards Building a New Frontier in Foreign Policy


This working paper unveils a new horizon of Bangladesh foreign policy in the shape of infrastructure diplomacy. It evaluates Bangladesh’s major accomplishments in infrastructure over the past decade and its relations with diplomacy. By putting megaprojects into action one after another, Bangladesh has shown the world that it has already undergone a transformation into a developing nation and is on track to move forward the next level. Moreover, this working paper has also introduced a critical factor that contributes to Bangladesh’s success in infrastructure diplomacy: development collaboration with actors in the West and East. A remarkable achievement of leadership under Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s direction is the successful conduct of infrastructure diplomacy in the midst of global unrest and the economic crisis generated by the COVID-19 and the Ukraine War. The paper has highlighted Bangladesh’s achievements and the outcomes of its infrastructural diplomacy, which is a new arena of conducting foreign policy for building a ‘developed and smart’ Bangladesh by 2041.