Counter-Terrorism in Bangladesh: Developing an Edifice of a Peaceful Society


The book is a product of findings of the study that has investigated how Bangladesh has implemented a host of counterterrorism initiatives to address the threat of terrorism and violent extremism in the country. This book serves as a comprehensive resource for understanding the evolving dynamics of terrorism in Bangladesh and the country’s journey in countering this pervasive threat. It provides valuable insights into the strategies, achievements, challenges, and potential measures to strengthen counterterrorism efforts, contributing to the broader discourse on global security. It has compiled success stories of counterterrorism operations in Bangladesh as one of the focal points in the study. The study ends not only with discussing the success stories but also explains the causes behind the success and related challenges in this regard. The book shows that the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has had a great impact on the development of counterterrorism efforts in Bangladesh. The book has identified resource allocation, capacity building, and other issues as major barriers to combating terrorism. The study also suggests a host of measures to improve counterterrorism activities in Bangladesh so that the threat of terrorism and violent extremism will be substantially reduced.