The Journal of Bangladesh and Global Affairs


A multidisciplinary journal of Bangladesh and global studies published quad monthly by the KRF Center for Bangladesh and Global Affairs (CBGA), Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Aims and Scope of the Journal

Journal of Bangladesh and Global Affairs, a peer-reviewed Journal of the KRF Center for Bangladesh and Global Affairs (CBGA) publishes original scholarly articles, reviews and analysis on Bangladesh’s foreign policy and international relations and topics related to broader global affairs or international relations at large. JBGA is published quad-monthly. The Journal aims to develop scholarship (theoretical, historical and policy-oriented) on Bangladesh’s broader international relations that would make a significant academic and policy contribution. The broader suggestive sub-themes of the Journal (but not limited to) include: Theorizing Bangladesh foreign policy; Bangladesh’s diplomatic strategies; Economic diplomacy of Bangladesh; Bangladesh’s opportunities and challenges in the post-Cold War and post-COVID-19 world; Bangladesh and the global trade and economic order; Bangladesh in global peace and security; Bangladesh and global migration of labor; Soft powers of Bangladesh; Bangladesh and global climate change negotiations and implications; Bangladesh and the Regional Organizations/Institutions; Bangladesh and globalization; Bangladesh and regional cooperation; Bangladesh’s relations with major powers; Bangladesh and the Middle East; Examining the Opportunities of Economic Cooperation between Bangladesh and Africa; Bangladesh and the United Nations; International Law and Bangladesh as a Responsible Power; Bangladesh and the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean region; Bangladesh and Sustainable Development Goals; Blue economy and Bangladesh. In the arena of global affairs, the suggestive sub-themes include (but not limited to) global cooperation process; regional integration process; international and regional strategic dynamics; multilateralism and global governance; international negotiations and diplomacy; North and Global South Cooperation; South-South Cooperation; Great power conflicts and rivalry; Gender and Identity in regional and global politics; Politics of human rights and democracy; Politics of migration and refugee; Global climate change and its impacts; Politics of environment; Politics of sea/ocean, Anthropocene; Planet politics; Globalization and the fourth industrial revolution; Crisis of civilization; and Post-Covid-19 Global Order.

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