Global Affairs in 2022: A CBGA Assessment


The KRF Center for Bangladesh and Global Affairs (CBGA, Dhaka) has launched a landmark initiative of publishing its yearly assessments of selected events, issues and challenges in foreign policy, global affairs and major challenges in the world. The research team of the CBGA has identified a host of issues and events that dominated contours and discourse of bilateral relations between Bangladesh and India in 2022. It is the first volume on Global Affairs in 2022. The events and issues covered in this volume were published as a series of CBGA Briefs in 2022. The book has also covered briefs and opinion pieces published by the researchers of the CBGA in different national and international dailies and online portals in 2022. The volume will be immensely beneficial to the scholars, students and observers of foreign policy, international relations, disciplines of social sciences and humanities and analysts of different backgrounds. The insights of the papers in the book will also be of great interest to policy makers, diplomats and international donors. It is the first of its kind in Bangladesh by a think-tank and thus merits serious attention both from academic and policy perspectives.

The book is an assessment of issues and events featured in the Asia and the Pacific; USA, Russia and Europe; Middle East, Africa and Latin America; and other regions. The first section focuses on the emerging issues involving the countries in Asia and the Pacific. It touches upon issues from Indian balancing to the Sri Lankan crisis. In the second section, major issues in Europe, North America and Russia are assessed in the context of the Ukraine War and related developments. Issues such as Putin’s absence in the G-20 summit, rise of Far-Right political forces in the EU have been discussed. In the third section, Middle East, Africa and Latin American regions have been covered where issues such as Biden’s Middle East visit, Ankara-Moscow gas cooperation, Xi Jinping’s visit to Saudi Arabia, military coups in African nations have been analyzed. Finally, this volume concentrates on the rest of the world where discussion revolves around the global energy crisis caused by the Ukraine war and its impact on the developing countries.