Launching the Dhaka Metro Rail: Leading the Transformation of Bangladesh


This working paper is an assessment of Bangladesh’s success in introducing metro system for the first time in the country. Known as the Dhaka Metro Rail, it symbolizes a new capability of Bangladesh under the leadership of the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. The paper has focused on three aspects of the undertaking by the government of Bangladesh. First, it spells out the background of the metro rail projects and how it has benefited Dhaka and the whole nation from multidimensional aspects. Second, it is an example of Bangladesh’s rare success in infrastructure diplomacy under the rubric of economic diplomacy. By implementing megaprojects one after another, Bangladesh has shown the world that the country has already transformed into a developing country and on course of becoming a developed nation by 2041. Finally, development partnership with Japan is a key force behind Bangladesh’s success in realizing the dream of the Dhaka Metro Rail. The success of introducing Metro Rail in Dhaka amid global turmoil and crisis in economy is a great story leadership and courage by the leadership of the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. It reflects firmness and vision of the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for a new future of Bangladesh. It is a new stepping stone to modern city life in Dhaka and at the same time an indication to future of Bangladesh towards fulfilling its vision 2041. The dream of becoming a developed country and ‘Smart Bangladesh’ by 2041 comes closer as Bangladesh celebrates the opening of the Dhaka Metro system.

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