Exploring Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s Visit to the United Nations General Assembly, 2022: Achievements and Hope


The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) plays a crucial role in setting standard and codifying international rules, norms and laws through the participation of its 193 members. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina of Bangladesh visited the UNGA for the 19th time as a head of the government and delivered a timely and remarkable speech during the 77th UNGA Session. The visit came at a moment when the world is facing interlocking challenges of war, crises and economic slowdown, on the one hand, and a rising Bangladesh in the world, on the other. PM Sheikh Hasina in her speech precisely mentioned the existing challenges the world has been going through and suggested ways out. Sheikh Hasina has unequivocally showcased Bangladesh and its achievements on the global stage and strongly stood for the interests of global masses, particularly those from the Global South amid the challenges. Sheikh Hasina did not hesitate to assert that the world has failed to resolve the Rohingya crisis and the Ukraine War. This working paper argues that the visit of PM Sheikh Hasina is a landmark diplomatic event of Bangladesh that has made significant achievements for Bangladesh and generated a hope for future.

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