Are the Russia-Africa Relations Getting Closer?


Africa once considered the “Dark Continent” that has long been refused to be recognized as one of the integral parts of the world’s political history has gained significant geopolitical clout in contemporary international politics. Although there has long been a myth of Africa’s irrelevance and a minor role in the international political arena, one can not simply negate Africa’s place and role in international relations from ancient times. It is believed that the Scramble for Africa during the period of new imperialism has found new expression in the renewed interest of great powers in Africa in the contemporary age. The expansion of European empires into the African continent has now been replaced by the dynamics of engagements of the great powers with Africa. A huge array of great powers including China, the US, Brazil, France, and the UK attempts to create close relations with African countries. Russia is no exception. For many, Russia has also joined the new Scramble for Africa. However, the write-up suggests there has been a conspicuous manifestation of a growing bond between Russia and Africa.

Manifold manifestations lead to assume that Russia and Africa relations are getting closer. The increasingly close relations serve as a win-win situation for both parties for which they are intent on taking the dynamics of relations to a new height previously unprecedented.

– Samia Zaman, Lecturer, Department of International Relations, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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