KRF CBGA Organized Expert Talk on “The Russia-Ukraine War: Global Impact”


The KRF Center for Bangladesh and Global Affairs (CBGA) organized a Expert Talk on “The Russia-Ukraine War: Global Impact” at the CBGA’s conference room on Saturday, 12 November 2022. M Aynul Islam, Research Director of CBGA, moderated the session and Brigadier General (Rtd.) Hassan Md. Shamsuddin delivered the welcome speech. Air Cdre (Rtd.) Ishfaq Ilahi Chowdhury, Honorable Treasurer of East West University and Security Analyst, was the Keynote Speaker of the Expert Talk. Professor Dr. Delwar Hossain, Honorable Chair of the Center, presided over the session. Students, teachers and researchers participated in the Expert Talk. In the welcome speech, Brigadier General (Rtd.) Shamsuddin highlighted the background and various aspects of the war. He said the war in Ukraine has created an extremely uncertain situation for the world. He also mentioned that the victim of the war is mainly the third world.

In his speech, Air Cdre (Rtd.) Ishfaq Ilahi Chowdhury, discussed the history and causes of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war and its far-reaching and multifaceted effects in the global context. He said that NATO’s eastward expansion posed a security threat to Russia. Ukraine’s bid to become a member of NATO, the policies of the Western world and Russia’s response eventually turned the existing conflict into a full-blown war. Although the war is geographically limited to Russia and Ukraine, its severity and multidimensional effects are impacting the entire world. In particular, its impact is felt most in underdeveloped and developing countries like Bangladesh. Disruption of global supply chain and the impact of high food and energy price have created a crisis in the global economy and monetary system. Millions of people in Africa, Asia and Latin America are facing severe food and fuel shortage. Due to the turbulent state of the global economy, Bangladesh is also facing its effects. When the country was making development history after overcoming the effects of the global pandemic, the advent of the war began to adversely affect the economy of Bangladesh. He further said that due to the war, power struggle, arms race, geopolitical and geostrategic competition are becoming evident in the global arena. Its domino effect is seen in the Taiwan crisis, the US-China rivalry, and the growing conflict between the great powers in the Indo-Pacific region.

The dynamics of the war in Ukraine were reflected rightly in the speech of Professor Dr. Delwar Hossain. Professor Hossain told that the developing world is suffering the most from the war. All the conflicting parties are responsible for creating the atmosphere of war. Notably, the fear of the war has reached to such the scale that can probably be termed as like the situation of World War III. Because of the inflexibility of the parties to the war, the world today is in a great crisis. He also mentioned that the crisis is affecting more developing countries and their people than that of the developed world. Whatever the outcome of the war, the consequences of it will be borne by present and future generations. He demanded an immediate end to the war.