Myanmar Needs To Be Careful To Avoid Border Tensions With Bangladesh


The Myanmar Army has been fighting with the Arakan Army (AA) in Myanmar-Bangladesh border region.  To control the activities of AA, they are attacking with the support of fighter aircrafts and helicopters. Due to these fighting the security situation in Bangladesh Myanmar border is tense now.

On August 28, AA attacked border posts to avenge the killing of civilians by the army in Mrauk-U town. Myanmar army is retaliating this by carrying out attacks on AA positions in northern Rakhine and southern Chin states with artillery and air support. Hostilities between the Myanmar army and the AA escalated in recent weeks. Clashes near Ma Nin Thang village in Rathidong town on August 30 resulted in casualties on both sides. On August 31, 10 soldiers were killed during the fighting with AA near a village in Paletwa City of Chin state.

 On August 31, AA troops ambushed a police outpost in Maungdaw Township in northern Rakhine State, and seized firearms, ammunition and other military equipment.  19 policemen were killed in that attack.  Following the attack on the outpost and the killing of 19 police officers, Myanmar Army has reinforced its forces in the border area and is carrying out attacks with the help of fighter aircraft and helicopters…

– Hasan Md. Shamsuddin ndc, psc, afwc, Mphil, is a Lead Researcher for the Rohingya, Myanmar and ASEAN Affairs at the KRF Center for Bangladesh and Global Affairs (CBGA).

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