Hasina-Modi Summit: New Strides and Future Prospects in Defence Cooperation


During the four-day official visit from 5 to 8 Sept. the Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina and her Indian counterpart, Narendra Modi relished a palatable bunch of Memorandum of Understandings (MoUs). In the bilateral summit, both parties signed seven MoUs mostly focused on connectivity, trade, security, water sharing, R&D, space technology and so on. Although the parties didn’t mention the facet broadly, the notion of defence cooperation was also focused at the summit. However, by signing “important first step”, the prime minister of Bangladesh urged India to implement the $500 million Line of Credits (LoC) that India extended for the imports of defence equipment and items. Along with that, both countries homologated to combinedly work on security issues such as space security, border unrest, terrorism, radicalization, smuggling, trafficking and the security of the Bay of Bengal. Vinay Mohan Kwatra, the foreign secretary of India in the following Q&A session made the issues more obvious wherein he alluded to the dynamics of defence cooperation between the two countries regarding border security, counter-terrorism and so on…

– Kawsar Uddin Mahmud, Research Intern at CBGA.

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