Strengthening Bangladesh-India Relations: Current Trends and Prospects


India and Bangladesh share bonds of history, language, culture, and multitude of other commonalities. The relation has been based on solid ground of mutual understanding and shared beliefs. The excellent bilateral ties reflect an all-encompassing partnership based on sovereignty, equality, trust, and understanding that goes far beyond the strategic partnership. The relations are manifold which is not defined only by cooperation and engagement, but by fraternity, mutual respects, shared beliefs and commonalities in defense and security outlook. The multidimensional relations have not only been confined to politics and economy, but it has been extended to strategic-security and defense areas.

Notably, Bangladesh-India relations have reached to a time-tested partnership in recent years. Both countries are enjoying cooperation and development in almost every arena in recent years. Bangladesh figures prominently in India’s Neighborhood First policy. Bilateral trade and investments are growing with new momentum. Apart from that, the two countries have often worked together to cope with the common challenges… [Read full article from here]