The Padma Multipurpose Bridge and Bangladesh: Unlocking New Possibilities for National Development and Security


The book is an attempt to understand the critical importance of the Padma Bridge for national development and security. The Padma Bridge has ushered in a new era of harnessing prospects and possibilities towards transforming Bangladesh into a developed nation by 2041. The leadership of the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has been the catalyst to fulfill the dreams of millions of Bengalis who are part of a proud nation. The making of the Bridge has been a powerful response to the global community about the extent of capability of Bangladesh when it matters to engage its national resources for national prosperity. It is a dream came true in the challenging times of global economy due to the COVID-19 global pandemic and recent Ukraine War. Finally, the study has uncovered various dimensions of benefits of the Padma Bridge so that one can have a comprehensive knowledge on the landmark achievement of Bangladesh. [Read the full e-book from here]