Bangladesh-Indonesia Trade Cooperation: Recent Developments


Bangladesh and Indonesia, from 1972, have very warm relations in terms of economic cooperation and political understanding. Since there is no geopolitical conflict between the two countries, the political domain always helps to enhance the economic ties as well. There were quite a few bilateral visits but the relations never flourished in a bigger manner. Being Muslim majority countries, both the states share common values and customary norms which is also an indicator to facilitate the trade relations. Bangladesh has membership to ACD, BIMSTEC, and SAARC while Indonesia is part of ACD, ASEAN, G20, and OPEC. Bangladesh can have access to the Southeast Asian state’s market through Indonesia. So the relations need to be enhanced. And trade would be the primary area to be acted upon because of lack of common threat perception will automatically generate good faith in terms of economic prospects. Trade will facilitate other areas of the relationship. [Read the full Insights from]