US-India Tensions on the Ukraine Crisis: Construction of a New Bloc?


The relationship between the United States of America and India is evolving with the geopolitical, geostrategic, and economic paradigm-shifting of the region. Moreover, the relations got even broader since the consequences of global political upheavals affect the relationship. The Ukraine crisis is one of the current events that has had a deep impact on US-India relations. On one hand, India has its historical relations with Russia to be maintained, on the other, it must assure warm relations with the USA for the Indo-Pacific Strategy (IPS) and other geopolitical prospects like having a deterrence against China. The relations are somewhat constructed over the period and hence the change is inevitable. India over the past few years has had a balance in its relations with the great powers.  India has a bigger investment and imports in the defence sector facilitated by the Russian regime. India also maintains strategic relationships with the USA for cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region. Even the volume of trade between China and India is a factor working towards the nullification of certain tensions between the two neighbours.  But the Ukraine crisis pushes India to the edge to take a side in the world politics- the USA-led bloc or the Sino-Russian bloc. [Read the full article from here]