Japanese PM’s Visit to India: Outcomes and Implications


In 1958, Japan made the first yen loans (ODA loans) to India, marking the beginning of Japan’s serious economic cooperation. There are 5,000 Japanese business establishments, primarily concentrated in the manufacturing sector, functioning in India. Heavy investment in the IT sector is detected as well. According to Taga Masayuki, Japanese Consul-General, the relationship, between India and Japan has greatly expanded. Government-to-government ties are in a robust position, and the economic link is expanding at a good pace. So, the relationship has its legacy and with the present nourishment from both the governments, it is turning to be a massive one. Moreover, both in recent years, have had great cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region and adopted strategies for it. Japan has its Free and Open Indo-Pacific Strategy (FOIP), while the strategy of the Indian part is called Security and Growth for All in the Region (SAGAR) and the Act East Policy. [Read the full Policy Brief from here.]