CBGA Situation Analysis: Bangladesh – Maintaining the Stable Economy in Times of Global Economic Turmoil and Uncertainty


The world is witnessing new economic challenges generated by two major global developments – the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine War. While different countries are struggling to deal with the market and economic issues in times of global economic instability and uncertainty, some domestic and international forces are engaged in creating political controversies and rumors. Against this backdrop, in a comparative assessment based on empirical evidence, Bangladesh has a strong economic base to deal with any global financial crisis of any magnitude. Second, a collective voice and measure is always crucial as demonstrated time and again in the history. The interests of the people in the world must be seen in proper perspective. In this case, the proposals of Sheikh Hasina as a package of solution to the current economic crisis are forward-looking and pragmatic. Without their implementation, the world cannot be a better place for people to live in prosperity and justice. War and its beneficiaries would continue to fuel in every possible manner to polarize the world and maintain their dominance. Bangladesh and its people must recognize the fact that the world is struggling to recover the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic when the Russian-Ukrainian conflict came as a huge blow to the global economic and social stability.

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