Bangladesh’s portrayal in the post-pandemic era


Bangladesh’s portrayal in the post-pandemic era: Spreading inflated risks and politicization of its profile

Bangladesh, the 37th largest economy, is in the midst of a transition where its yet unrealized potentials would double its economy by 2030, the success story has resulted from a mixed effect of “both deliberate interventions and chance”, Basu noted. In 2021, Bangladesh has fulfilled all the criteria, for the second time since 2018, to graduate from a least developed country to a developing one. The United Nations will confer the graduation, of Bangladesh as a developing nation, formally by 2026. While this was the backdrop, by the time Bangladesh was celebrating the 50th anniversary of its journey as a liberated nation, the world was going through a pandemic. Against the pandemic and the recent Russia-Ukraine war, numerous economic and political challenges are making the days difficult for emerging markets and developing nations..[Read the full Insights from here]