Bangladesh-India Railway Connectivity: The Eastern Flank


The railway links between countries are driving a rapid development of South Asia and it has become a reflection of neighborhood comes first and foremost policy for India and Bangladesh amongst all their foreign policy priorities. At present several railway links between Bangladesh and India are operational. Both share common history, language, culture and a multitude of other commonalities. The magnificent bilateral ties reflect an all-encompassing partnership based on sovereignty equality, trust and understanding that goes far beyond a strategic partnership. Railway, which plays a major role in boosting commercial and people to people ties between India and Bangladesh have received good attention recently. The two South Asian nations enjoyed railway connectivity during the colonial period and even after partition. Those attempts unfortunately had stopped after the 1965 India-Pakistan war. No serious attempts had been taken by New Delhi and Dhaka to renew the previous rail links following the independence of Bangladesh in 1971. However, for the last ten years, both nations have been making efforts to upgrade transport connectivity, including railways for smoother movement of passengers and cargos between them. [Read the full Policy Brief from here.]