The Center is extensively engaged in publishing of research findings for wider dissemination and sharing of knowledge in Bangladesh and beyond. In the age of information technology, the Center publishes its research works in digital platforms. Both print and online publications are critical to treasure knowledge and spread to the people. The publications of the Center aim at reaching out the knowledge and policy community to establish strong link between the theoretical and empirical worlds.


Books covering foreign policy, security, diplomacy and international relations of Bangladesh are scarce. Quality analysis and contemporary issues are rarely observed in the existing literature. There is a need for in-depth knowledge about major issues affecting Bangladesh at bilateral, regional and global levels. It will equip policy makers and different stakeholders in the state agencies and departments with substantive information and analysis. This will fill up knowledge and information deficits, boost confidence and enhance bargaining capacity of policy makers at different levels. The Initiative has focused on publishing books on specific themes and topics on Bangladesh and global affairs in different fields. These books will be part of a larger theme and books will be published each year focusing on importance of the issues, conceptualization, implications and responses. This will play a critical role in medium- and long-term capacity building of the nation in dealing foreign policy and security challenges from external sources.

Journal of Bangladesh and Global Affairs

The Center will publish a flagship peer-reviewed journal to attract scholarly engagement on the contemporary issues from researchers in different corners of Bangladesh and the world. The Journal will maintain high quality and policy relevance of issues covered so that it would contribute to provide a ready source of knowledge and analysis for the policy makers.

Working paper, monograph and survey report

The working paper will address contemporary burning issues related to national security and foreign policy of Bangladesh, regional and global politics and security and different trends and challenges in the regional and global milieu. Each paper will be of roughly 4000-5000 words. Another significant output is conducting survey on critical issues, perception, and impact based on primary and secondary sources to strengthen evidence-based analysis of issues and concerns.

Annual Review

Publication of review is common in research arena. It has high policy value as the review identifies major trends and directions of different issues of domestic, regional and global importance. There is no such publication seen in Bangladesh to focus on its foreign policy, diplomacy, and security on yearly basis. Foreign policy events and decisions are not systemically compiled and analyzed to present chronological trajectories. Annual Review will be of first its publication to analyze the events in a particular time frame and highlight the trends for understanding the future directions.

Commentary, Insights and Country Situation Reports

Commentaries, insights and country situation reports will highlight the current developments in different countries of South Asia, ASEAN, East Asia, Middle East, Central Asia, Russia, Europe, North America, Africa, Latin America, Australia, and New Zealand to have handy and updated sources of information and major trends. They will cover both domestic and foreign policy and defense related issues and information. Each report will be of about 1000-1500 words covering the most recent period.

News Digest

The compilation of news on specific regions and issues is a key resource for policy analysis. It provides a resource base that can play a critical role in understanding contemporary issues of utmost importance for Bangladesh. Important news stories and insights may help the researchers and policy makers to collect evidence for necessary analysis.


Policy makers and analysts immensely benefit from quick and handy knowledge products such as inforgraphics in the digital age. Selected strategic, security and foreign policy issues may be published as infographic to understand and to grasp its impact on state, society and people.

Podcasts and Videography

In the age of social media, people spend huge time in watching and listening to news and analysis online. Everybody understands that audio and video are demand from consumers. Audios and videos have emerged as a highly interactive and visible instrument of communication of ideas and analysis. Learning and educational content alone drives over a billion views a day on YouTube. Studies show that video is much more desirable than text-based articles. Popular videography products such as podcast on important contemporary issues may be produced and post for wider reach and dissemination.