About the Center


The KRF Center for Bangladesh and Global Affairs (CBGA) is a non-profit, non-political, non-government and knowledge-driven initiative. It is an initiative of the Knowledge and Resources Foundation (KRF) to exclusively focus on research, seminars, training, publications, survey, advocacy and related activities on Bangladesh and global affairs. The Foundation, headed by its President, Professor Delwar Hossain, established the Center for Bangladesh and Global Affairs (CBGA), as a specialized Center dedicated to supporting, promoting and building international relations of Bangladesh. The Center engages study, generate evidence, and promote research on multidisciplinary and multidimensional issues influencing Bangladesh in its policy and knowledge domains, particularly in the areas of security, diplomacy, foreign policy and international relations.

The Center is about building research and policy capability of public and private individuals and entities in Bangladesh in the area of domestic and global affairs marked by the evolving national, regional and global dynamics in a complex and interconnected world. The initiative is premised on the assumption that a Bangladesh perspective is considerably missing in the works of existing think-tanks and research programs in international and strategic studies in the country and beyond. Over the decades there has been developed a stereotyped and linear understanding of Bangladesh at home and abroad. Different local and international hostile forces of Bangladesh have fully been using this lacuna and reductionist view to promote their vested interests. Members of youth and young generations are growing up with their knowledge in a huge vacuum of multidimensional, analytical and historical understanding of Bangladesh and its political, economic, strategic and cultural phenomena. On the one hand, they are venting their deep frustration and disappointment often for wrong and misdirected reasons, they remain deeply ignorant and oblivious about their own nation. There is also a lack of a scholarly and high-quality analysis of bilateral, regional and global issues in Bangladesh. The Center is committed to contribute to address this intellectual challenge in Bangladesh.