Message from the Founder Chair


The Center for Bangladesh and Global Studies (CBGA) brings together an interdisciplinary group of researchers and analysts from renowned universities and organizations in Bangladesh and beyond. The CBGA engages in critical studies on material and non-material resources in the society for appropriate change and progress. The Center is about building research and policy capability of public and private individuals and entities in Bangladesh in the area of domestic and global affairs marked by the evolving national, regional and global dynamics in a complex and interconnected world. The initiative is premised on the assumption that a Bangladesh perspective is considerably missing in the works of existing think-tanks and research programs in international and strategic studies in the country and beyond. Knowledge and resources today are often seen as the main determining factors of competitiveness and innovation around the world. Therefore, knowledge and resource creation and management has become more and more important sources of competitive advantage for many countries. With knowledge being one of the most important resources today, knowledge-based research, education and trainings are the primary internal functions of the Center, Dhaka. The Center wants to be one of the best knowledge and resource management service providers in the domains of Bangladesh and global affairs in the age of globalization and 4th Industrial Revolution. Particularly in Bangladesh, there is a pressing need for a platform for articulating multi-disciplinary sophisticated knowledge through critical study, research and training. The Center believes education and training are life-long opportunity that should be viewed in a comprehensive way. The Center strives to transfer knowledge, experiences and expertise to academics, researchers, scholars, professionals and people across the region.

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Delwar Hossain.