CBGA is conducting research and survey on contemporary issues


The core engagement of the CBGA is conducting research and survey on contemporary issues and challenges affecting peace, development, security, foreign policy and governance. The Center promotes research in an inter-disciplinary and multidisciplinary environment with a key focus on foreign policy and international relations.

Major Research Streams

  • Bangladesh: Foreign Policy, Diplomacy and Negotiations (FDN)
  • Bangladesh: Security and Strategic Studies (SSS)
  • Bangladesh: Peace, Governance and Gender (PGG)
  • Bangladesh: Economy, Environment and Ecology (EEE)
  • India, South Asia and the Bay of Bengal
  • China, Japan and Korea
  • Myanmar and the ASEAN Region
  • USA, Canada and the Americas
  • UK and the EU
  • Russia and the CIS
  • Middle East and the African Region
  • Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands

 Major Research Programs

  • The Rohingya Crisis
  • The Rohingya Crisis and Bangladesh
  • Bangladesh Emerging as a Middle Power
  • Bangladesh Achieving the SDGs
  • Bangladesh Transforming into a Developing Country
  • Strategic Rivalries and Geopolitics in the Bay of Bengal
  • International Migration Trends
  • Resurgence of Great Power Conflicts
  • The Ukraine War and Geopolitics
  • The Ukraine War and the Developing World

In addition, the Center develops its research agenda based on thematic clusters with continuing focus on domestic, bilateral, sub-regional, regional and global levels.

  •  Politics, Peace and Governance (PPG)
  • Economy, Development and Technology (EDT)
  • Environment, Sustainability and Resources (ESR)
  • Society, Culture and Identity (SCI)
  • Globalization, 4IR and Civilization (G4C)