The Center for Bangladesh and Global Affairs (CBGA)


The Center for Bangladesh and Global Affairs (CBGA) is a specialized research and knowledge driven initiative and think tank established by the Knowledge and Resources Foundation (KRF), Dhaka. The CBGA exclusively focuses on research and analysis, seminars, training, publications, survey, and related activities on Bangladesh and global affairs to increase the knowledge, awareness, and salience of foreign policy issues with relevant stakeholders and the interested individuals and community. The Center, headed by its Chair, Professor Dr. Delwar Hossain, is dedicated to support, promote and build international relations of Bangladesh. The Center engages study, generate evidence, and promote research on multidisciplinary and multidimensional issues influencing Bangladesh in its policy strategies and knowledge domains particularly in the areas of security, diplomacy, foreign policy and international relations. CBGA’s purpose is to define the future of national security. The center is guided by a set of values that guides to act and behave—independent thought, innovative thinking, cross-disciplinary scholarship, integrity and professionalism, and knowledge development. CBGA’s values work in concert toward the goal of making real-world impact. The center’s scholars bring their policy expertise, and robust networks to their research, analysis, and policy recommendations.